Pureprint NC Plus Series

The NC Plus range has been used to give a print with the similar effectuation and conducts of the conventional plastisol print. The behavior of the NC Plus series have been designed to extend the screen time in resemblance to standard water based formulations. The NC Plus series is fully consistent with Pureprint pigments and can be compounded with other water based products on the Pureprint Series.

FABRIC TYPES Cotton / Polyster

Pureprint NC Plus Series The NC Plus series consists of two products as follows: Pureprint White NC Plus Pureprint NPCCL Pureprint NPCCL can be used as a print paste on white or light ground shades with the inclusion of up to 6% Pureprint pigments. It can also be printed on the top of a “flash-cured” Pureprint White NC Plus to achieve bright shades on deep dyed ground shades. Pureprint White NC Plus can be used as a pure white or as a “flash” white as indicated above. The above information has been issued with the purpose of obtaining the best results but without any responsibility on our part.Users are recommended to carry out relevant tests before bulk production.

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