Pureprint DDC Discharge System

The DDC Discharge system has been used to give a brilliant print on dark dyed grounds. The DDC Discharge system is designed to extend the screen time in resemblance to standard water based formulations. The DDC system is fully consistent with Pureprint pigments and can be compounded with Pureprint Red CP 6% on various grounds for discharging effects.

FABRIC TYPES Cotton / Polyster
MESH 43 T – 60 T
SQUEEGEE Soft 60 shore
STENCIL Normal / Not suitable for high build
CURE TEMP 3Mins at 165°C
PIGMENT LOADING Up to 6% Pureprint pigments
ADDITIVES Liq 921 N, Emulsifier DF, Fixator NFO
STORAGE Store in a cool dry place
HEALTH & SAFETY MSDS available upon request
CLEAN UP Wash off screen using water and mild detergent
Pureprint DDC Discharge System

The DDC Discharge system consists of two products as follows: Pureprint Discharge Paste EC Pureprint Paste LDC Pureprint Red CP Pureprint Discharge Paste EC can be used as a print paste on dark ground shades with the inclusion of up to 6% Pureprint pigments. It can also be printed on the top of a “flash-cured” Pureprint DDC White to achieve bright shades on deep dyed ground shades. Once mixing Red CP the pot life of the printing paste will be reduced to 12hrs max for consumption. Pureprint DDC White can be used as a pure white or as a “flash” white as indicated above. The above information has been issued with the purpose of obtaining the best results but without any responsibility on our part.

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